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Why declare bankruptcy when what you really want to do is reorganize your debt payments? As a resident of Wisconsin, you enjoy a unique option when it comes to getting your debts under control. You won't have to file tax returns, get credit counseling or even go to court. Chapter 128 allows you to organize your debt without filing bankruptcy.

Reorganize Your Debts Without Bankruptcy

Instead of declaring all debts, income and assets, you can consolidate just those debts you want to manage. Late rent, utilities, payday loans, credit cards, speeding tickets and medical bills can all be run through Chapter 128 - although not secured debts like mortgages or car loans.


The procedure stops interest and late fees from accruing, stops creditors from garnishing wages or attaching assets, and stops utilities from cutting off power or heat.

What Are Some of the Advantages of Chapter 128?

  • It's unique to the State of Wisconsin and is open to all Wisconsin residents.

  • Unlike bankruptcy, only those assets and property you list are at risk.

  • You do not have to list all the debts you owe.

  • It's  good way to go if you do not qualify under typical bankruptcy law.

  • It stops garnishments.

  • The debt you are most concerned about get repaid.

  • You won't be listed in the newspapers.

  • Interest on debts is uncollectible upon successful completion of the Chapter 128.

  • It's easy and inexpensive to file.

  • You can may file more than once.

  • You do not have to appear in court.

* The information on this page is ©State Bar of Wisconsin. Used with permission

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