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Over the course of my carrer, I have helped hundreds of clients through their debt relief situations and bankruptcy cases. I love when my clients take the time to share their feedback with me. Below are just a couple of letters I've received from satisfied clients. 

"I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you about the quality of representation I received from Ryan, during my recent bankruptcy. Ryan was very knowledgeable and helpful in determining the correct path for me to take. He explained all of my options, and how that choice would impact the outcome I was seeking. Ryan collected all of the necessary information needed for filing. He double checked with me the accuracy of that information, before proceeding to the next step. I’d like to mention how helpful it was that he came to my home for this. He secured a trail date, and keep me in the loop as to how things were proceeding. Once the trial date arrived, he met me at the courthouse, and he reviewed how things would go in court. A couple of weeks went by, and we received a positive verdict from the court. At that point Ryan went over several things I should consider doing going forward. I have called on Ryan a couple of times since, and he has always been gracious about giving me additional advice, if needed. I would highly recommend Ryan Landry Law Offices to anyone needing bankruptcy assistance."


- R.M. of Brookfield

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"I am very thankful to Ryan Landry whom was recommended to me from a friend when I was going through some hard changes in my life; separation, foreclosure, & repossion of vehicle and didn’t know how I’d get thru the tough situations. When I met Ryan he was very nice and patient with all of my questions and concerns and the process of bankruptsy. He made me feel comfortable talking with him about my debt & financial situation. I gained knowledge through the credit counsling classes he recommended as I was then more informed to make better choices financially. Ryan was always prompt in getting back to me if I had to leave a message and he worked will with my schedule which was very nice because I wasn’t able to miss work."


- G.B. of Kenosha

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